Planet Piss


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Planet Piss 02:44
one light one mind we’re shining into the abyss (now) it seems like suicide we’re all falling down trapped in a state of fear we’re scared and paranoid one day we will see the light and do it again no one’s gonna save you They're all out and they betrayed you No one seems to get it right No one is longer satisfied drowning and still breathing in the swamp of sorrows lost souls fill the tombs until we fall from grace lights out reset the standard loss of sanity apathy’s our daily driver and we do it again It all comes down And we’re lost forever Down in the gutter And nothing will ever change point of no return We blast ourselves to hell and back again Fuck this world fuck off forever Let's nuke the hell outta it Let's get rid of planet piss
Falling Down 03:05
it is a dead end street on a nightmare road and we still keep on track we don’t ask why we’re heading there filled up with the latest shit broadcast feed now on repeat , no facts and still there is no time to reflect, and tomorrow it’s all erased We are falling down into the hell of tomorrow We are falling down again unless we find ourselves we are locked up in a panic room designed without a key we just escape when we’re in need and forgot how to feel breaking news unleash the truth kiss goodbye and farewell mourning in a gallows noose no need to cut you loose
Waves 02:49
waking up before the trial face the world of denial the choir of the forgotten ones still sing what’s been unsung the hatred in our eyes the tidal waves of lies lost and jaded compensated This time you’ve lost your mind All your blatant lies Will drown in the waves now This time you’ve lost your mind the era of decline will drown in the waves now flood of fear and inner strife home’s a wasteland in a bottled life catch the prey protect your pride corporate greed certified
well you know one thing for sure you feel so insecure go ahead share the story of your life someone’s gotta be victimized change the filter one more time cause you look like hell won’t change your mind hashtag - all your dreams may come true Living in a bubble - that’s you bloodshot eyes it feels like I’m trapped inside my own nightmare (and do one more) Nobody cares about your stupid life Bored to death - no surprise time flies by flaunting a lie every single one - you can’t deny so where is your self-esteem when you don’t give a fuck about privacy? your daily life becomes obsolete well, see you shitface in the news feed everyone’s a liar and you cannot ignore everyone’s so fucked up and is rotten to the core
I really hate my job I just need another life Getting drunk after hours And I hate it 9to5 (Pissed and going nowhere) All outta money by the middle of the month Pay the rent, pay the car, pay the man I don’t even understand (Broke and going nowhere) I can no longer take this shit I’m so fed up with it Its all gone Its all wrong It can’t get any better Its all gone In a fucked up world Where we live and die together We can go anywhere but here All outta money by the middle of the month Pay the rent, pay the car, pay the vet I don’t even understand (Broke and going nowhere)
Murderface 02:28
It’s like a challenge Reckless and ruthless I can't understand why you're all going blind HEY! I am the one Who's on the run a time bomb about to explode don’t you dare your fucking blindfolded face don’t you dare (it’s) one of these days I am going blind And i don't see much till' I take off the murderface running in circles back off! I’m fearless! lack of compassion you all go down the drain ‘some people deserve a high-five with a chair in the face’
Prod 02:57
You are on your own walking into the unknown here is nothing left to say cause you can’t choose ain’t nothing to lose love is a dangerous case Now you are alone it’s getting dark is the sun still up there? ain’t nothing to lose set alight the fuse case closed as spiders surround me like in your childhood you can’t decide what’s false and what is good cause I’m the only one - no you’re not cause it ain’t no struggle it’s not your fault you are just a prod you are all alone walking into the unknown there’s nothing left to say you cannot choose nothing to lose love is dangerous you are on your own it’s getting dark is the sun still up there? ain’t nothing to lose set alight the fuse case closed
Next 02:32
Will i ever see you again? I hope it’s not the end I can’t recall the last time when I played these chords Memories fade away Hope to see you some day Will I ever see you again? I can’t recall the last time when I played these chords I don’t know when i will see you again Lost for words and no reaction Haven’t paid attention again
Save The Day 02:46
call me insane I want to play a game: confusion vs. control overplay, hyperbolize facts can’t keep up with my lies a new wave, controversy you’ll lose your mind, all clarity distract yourself and find out what my order is all about lonely times in a vicious mind we all subscribe to the day we die save the day i am sure it will get better save the day i don’t care, i’m getting fatter (right now) save the day i am sure it will get better take a bow and say goodbye right now! yeah, whatever floats your boat, go ahead, spill the antidote make a mess and enjoy the poison bath tweet out loud or save it in the cloud liar liar pants on fire maybe you’d like to add that you are the charlatan
Blackout Nightmares under control Mind fucked Wipe out every last soul Deny Everything Until the last one’s bleeding I can’t believe that you dig their shit I am no part of it Fuck off and singalong to empty promises I really wanna kill some time I really wanna waste my life cause here is nothing at all bright lights add fuel to the fire fuck off when the trial’s expired and the echo’s way too loud! I can’t take your hatred anymore you are so afraid of the unknown that you chose to burn down house and home
No Waves 03:54
Well everyone else can go straight back to hell There's no going back and there's no way out Well everyone else can go straight back to hell I am stuck in here and you can’t drag me out You can’t drag me down I am a river and you are an ocean we’re the sea that can’t drag us down We are the waves and we clash on the shores I don’t want anyone else As times flies by There's no second try I say Can't find my way back home There’s no waves out No waves out here Can't find the only way No waves out No waves out here Can't find my way back home No waves out No waves out here Will find my way back home to you Even if we try It’s always a goodbye And I don’t ask why We still collapse in time Cause there’s no way back home There’s no way back home


They might not look their age, but DAMNIAM has been around for ten years now. Right on time for this anniversary, here is the new album Planet Piss. The record was produced by Olman Wiebe at Hertzwerk studio in Hamburg (Captain Planet, Smile and Burn, ZSK) and it further expands the boundaries of Damniam’s sound: The Punk tunes are rougher, the earworms are more infectious and the quiet songs are goose-bumpier, while still retaining the band’s trademark sound. This more diverse set of songs has already been road-tested intensively at headlining shows and while supporting, amongst others, Teenage Bottlerocket, Satanic Surfers and the Buzzcocks. While the lyrics on the previous album by the awesome foursome from Münster, Germany where often good natured takes on partying, touring and cats (not really), Planet Piss portrays the trappings of our social situation – a time of digital self-presentation, commodification, pressure to perform and a political right-wing shift.


released November 10, 2017


all rights reserved



DAMNIAM Münster, Germany


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